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After An San Antonio Car Accident: Tips

One of the most important things you can do at the scene of a car accident in San Antonio is to get witness information from anyone who may have seen exactly what happened. The importance of independent witnesses cannot be overstated. More on this website about “Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio
As numerous San Antonio car accident victims can tell you -just because the negligent party accepts responsibility at the scene does not mean that their insurance company will pay you. Further, as many victims can attest, the negligent parties’ story often changes from the accident scene to the time you make an insurance claim against their policy.

People who have admitted fault at the same sometimes turn around and claim the accident happened utterly the opposite way, and that responsibility lies with the innocent victim and not themselves. This is much more common than you could even imagine.

That is why the independent witness is so critically important in many cases. Sometimes obtaining independent witnesses’ names and addresses can’t be done because the victim is transported to the hospital with severe injuries and cannot gather the necessary information. Police officers are charged with obtaining witness statements; however, in the hustle and bustle of the city and witnesses sometimes not sticking around, often no witnesses will be interviewed.

If you can, after the car accident, obtain the telephone number and name of any witnesses to the accident. You’ll be glad you did. Additionally, it is sometimes beneficial to take photos with your cell phone of the locations of the vehicles before they are moved. Whatever you can do to ensure that the story doesn’t change usually is very helpful to your injury claim with the defendant’s insurance company.