As lawyers, you invest numerous hours a day working hard to fulfill the pushing needs of your customers. However, you might still be questioning how you can increase your client base and command the profits that you unequivocally deserve. In an effort to do so, you may have asked a paralegal or young associate to prepare blog site posts on your website that shows your areas of expertise and highly specialized skills to prospective customers. While this method might solve your problem of addressing your legal site content writing requirements, it is unlikely that it will allow your website to command a client-generating presence on the web.

Although you greatly value the assistance of support personnel in this regard, their efforts may end up costing you – and them – a great deal of wasted time, money and resources. Particularly, they may not possess the requisite knowledge to provide the correct information on your website in a manner that most efficiently speaks with your readers. Furthermore, content writing projects often get put on the back burner given that assistance personnel are currently responsible for continuing top of their existing and ever-increasing work load. Not to discuss that lower level associates, paralegals and other workers should meet their billable hour demands – something that is challenging to do when overwhelmed with non-billable tasks. Lastly, if you ask among your partner lawyers to draft blog posts for your site, it will end up costing you a lot more in the long run than had you initially worked with a professional legal material composing service to handle your content-drafting needs. Particularly, when an associate who you bill out at $250 per hour spends an hour preparing web material – that is $250 right out of your pocket! As such, it makes financial sense to utilize professional legal content authors, who can produce enhanced web content (i.e. legal blog short articles) at a fraction of the cost!

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When working with us, you are hiring expert blog writers who are experienced in writing attorney based blog posts. These essential credentials are supplemented by the over twelve years of cumulative experience that our founders have in helping countless law practice with their online legal marketing requirements.